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Spending the day together

Here are a few things that I really enjoy doing that we could do together. You are one click away from sharing a day with me...

Spa day

The warmth ofthe baths and the calm and relaxing ambiance will create a sensual environment for us to connect. After the professional massage, we will go back to the hotel room to share a bottle of wine and connect even more.... (8 hours/ 2600)


Let's go climb a mountain or explore a new place that we have never been to. Let's discover each other's mind and get to know each other. We can end the day in a restaurant or even better, at the hotel... (8 hours/ 2900)


Let's get inspired by some beautiful creations. (4 hours/1500)

Wake up together

Brunch date

My favorite way to start the day is with brunch. If you want to make me happy, take me out to eat bénédictine.

Book the encounter you deserve...
Choose a time

I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Looking forward to spend time with you and fulfill all of your desires...

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